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Terman Middle School10

Palo Alto, CA | Santa Clara County


August 16, 2014

Great school! Bullying? Hard to believe. Great kids from great families. Mostly excellent teachers. After school sports are not well coached, but curriculum is decent. Safe campus.

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May 27, 2014

Overall, the PAUSD is one of the best districts in California. Terman Middle School is a PAUSD gem. Our daughter is about to graduate. Terman may not always be perfect (is any school?), but our experience was nothing less than AMAZING. There are many areas where your child can bloom in the next three years at Terman: math, English, science, drama, music, sports, leadership, etc. School is known for its advanced academic scores. Miss Pier Angeli La Place is a caring, involved, and clever principal. 8th grade counselor, Miss Smith, is knowledgeable and approachable. Teachers are a group of inspired educators who love what they do. Mr Jorgens, Miss Carlson, Miss Logue, Mr Nabas, Miss DeGregorio, Miss Delaney, Mr Helsaple, Miss Mendez just to name a few. They each challenged my daughter, but made her feel capable and interested. Academics aren t everything. There are many excellent opportunities to get involved socially and never be bored: clubs (math club is highly recommended), music program, dances, field trips, student council, etc. I can go on and on... But it's time to say "THANK YOU, TERMAN, FOR THE GREAT EXPERIENCE! We will miss you! Go TIGERS!

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April 28, 2014

I really think and believe that Terman Middle school is the best middle school in Palo Alto area.

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September 28, 2013

This school is the smallest out of the 3 public middle schools in Palo Alto. The campus is still quite comfortable for the students and easy to get around, as well as safe. The students are very caring and supportive, and the teachers are helpful and encouraging. They offer a wide array of classes too, and there are many chances for students to show their talent such as school plays, sports, student council, math competitions, spelling/geo bee, and science fair. Overall, this is an excellent school. One thing that could be better, though, is if they had more challenges for the kids. The schoolwork and homework they give is often too simple and easy.

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April 5, 2013

Our child has had a wonderful experience at Terman. The principal is excellent and understands the importance of social/emotion learning happening alongside academic learning. We have never experienced bullying at the school and instead the students appear to be very supportive of one another. If your child has learning disabilities there is tremendous support - the woman in charge of special education is amazing however she is retiring at the end of this school year and a new leader has not been chosen. Unfortunately, the 6th grade resource teacher is significantly less strong. 6th grade teacher quality is overall excellent but there is one teaching team that clearly needs to go.

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September 17, 2012

Terman middle school is the smallest of the PAUSD's three schools. It is the least intimidating, friendliest, and easiest socially. There are many great teachers, one or two REALLY bad ones (and it is possible that you won't get any of them), and some truly outstanding/life changing teachers. The curriculum does not focus on the basics. For example, no spelling is taught in sixth grade (and there is no individual support for those who need it). Some of the assignments, especially in English, are WAY to hard to do without parent help. This creates a "have" and "have not" situation. If your student has weak writing/math skills coming in, they will likely be weak coming out (even after writing 10 page reports and doing work which is high school level). If Terman is your local school, go and enjoy (and help your child at home). If you are "in district" with a child who will be damaged by having to tough out a few very bad/burnt out teachers, then look for options (Bullis charter, private or let the principal know about your student's needs). I wouldn't move to Palo Alto for Terman, but my student loves it there.

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August 24, 2012

I am a student that graduated from Terman and I thought that it was awesome, it had some great teachers and it had a nice small-school enviroment. The other local middle schools, JLS and Jordan have over 1,200 students each, Terman around half that. And in an earlier post somebody mentioned that one teacher was gone 50% of the time, and that was because she had her first kid. And if it was all for the teacher's pleasure than why would she constantly come back to visit the school with her newborn. Compared to Gunn, which I go to now I would say that Terman has great amenities, such as bathrooms, classrooms, and water fountains. There is also a very large park for all of the students. GO TERMAN TIGERS!!!!!!!!! -Brian H.

August 12, 2012

I have had three kids at this school and there are many great teachers, and some not so great teachers but no absolutely horrible teachers that I know of. The new principal is a good improvement although I haven't heard much from or about her which I assume is a good thing. But the school seems to be well run, the parent involvement is average and my kids are happy.

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October 11, 2011

This school operates for the benefit of the teachers and the staff and unfortunately not the students. The leadership bows its head to Churchill Street administrative offices every morning. The classes are big and the teachers uninspiring. The leadership is weak. Most troubling is the rampant bullying and verbal harassment which is accommodated by the staff. My son's core teacher missed nearly 50% of the school days in grade 6 and the other core teacher told us one day she had been doing things the way she had been doing them for 22 years and with a short distance to retirement she wasn't about to be making any changes. The counseling team could be laid off and no one would miss them. Class sizes are huge and the facilities are tired as is the staff. My son's experience was so negative at Terman he doesn't even like to drive by the building. I can't believe I'm forced to pay taxes to support this "school." There are some good teachers but you have to berate the staff or game the system somehow or you are stuck with the rest of the crew. Where is Arne Duncan when you need him?

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May 31, 2011

I agree with the earlier post - Quality of teachers are not even. You need to know who is good. The school had truly exceptional teachers, average teachers, and a couple of really bad apples.

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October 1, 2009

Terman has great parents, the best teachers, a very supportive and nourishing neighborhood and community, and a fantastic group of students. It's the best in the Bay Area!

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May 20, 2009

My rating is four stars because eighth grade is exceptional at Terman Middle School. My son is finally challenged during his third year at Terman, and he exclaimed that he now has the very best teachers in the school. This year he has pursued opportunities offered by the school to express himself outside as well as inside the classroom. The student leadership team is active, and students are encouraged to participate in the Science Fair. After school sports allow Terman students to explore their abilities in a variety of sports. The strong music program gives Terman students the opportunity to pursue their musical interests. I haven't always been so thrilled with Terman Middle School because sixth grade was a weak grade without a lot of challenges for gifted students, but the school improves through the years. Kudos to the school for having caring counselors and offering a solid anti-bullying program!

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May 30, 2008

I agree with the earlier post - our kids have had truly exceptional teachers, average teachers, and a couple of really bad apples. When confronted with issues, the site administration pulls a duck and cover. The test scores are through the roof, but I attribute that more to a very concerned and active parent support group.

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March 25, 2006

Quality of teachers are not even. You need to know who is good. GATE program exist only on the paper. I hope & grade will be differen.

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