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Henry M. Gunn High School10

Palo Alto, CA | Santa Clara County


June 13, 2014

Counseling here may be a little lacking, but overall, Gunn is a great school to be in. It has a rigorous academic program, and a great performing arts program. Gunn has not dominated in most sports, but they are for the most part, good. I am a currently a rising sophomore here at Gunn, and I am proud to say I learned a lot this year, and all of my teachers were highly educated, and had a lot of knowledge on the subject. I really look forward to my next three years at Gunn. GO TITANS!

Submitted by a student

August 22, 2013

Thanks to Gunn high School my son back to love his studies, in one year that he was in other HS he didn't like his class, but now in Gunn HS he loves his class, thanks to all teachers at GUNN

Submitted by a parent

January 11, 2013

Gunn is a very large school, and has more of the atmosphere of a community college in terms of the numbers of courses, the rigor of the coursework, and the amount of initiative and self-reliance required of the students. Students who have trouble are taken care of, the high-flyers have the coursework they and their parents require, but the middle-of-the-roaders are mostly ignored. The guidance department and the teachers are fairly overwhelmed with the number of special snowflakes they must accommodate. As a whole, the Math, Science, and Fine Arts departments are the best in terms of teacher quality, and the English, Social Studies, and Foreign Language departments are the weakest. The English and Social Studies departments, except for a few standouts, have some weak/borderline incompetent teachers. I would suggest that this is a good school for the aspiring doctor, rather than the aspiring novelist.

Submitted by a parent

November 2, 2012

Moving in PA with extra $1M loan burden plus $25K property tax, realized most students entering Stanford are faculty children. If house price doesn't go up with at least 3% per year for next 15 years, It's much more worth to put kids in Harker or Bellarmine being focused on more leadship.

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December 29, 2011

Gunn is recognized as a top high school by colleges (including Ivy League schools), which helps considerably in college admissions. My son graduated recently - ranking at about the 30th percentile in GPA - and went on to Columbia; his Gunn education prepared him extremely well. In his four years at Gunn, all his teachers were stars except two! Extracurriculars are also plentiful and fabulous; the huge choir (no tryouts required) consistently wins top honors in national and international competitions, and gives concerts both locally and abroad. The theater program is open to performers at all levels, and the "crew" is well-taught and well-regarded. My son made many of his closest friends through extracurriculars. The academics are definitely challenging; AP math, science, computer science, English and US history classes are especially wonderful. Kids learn to think at Gunn, not just to regurgitate facts. Before we moved to Palo Alto, I heard lots of scare stories about competition, but in 7 years here, we experienced the opposite. Kids readily help each other, and root for one another. Teachers encourage teamwork. All in all, Gunn is one of the best schools in the USA.

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April 26, 2011

I graduated from Gunn almost 2 years ago and I very much enjoyed my time there. The teachers were great and very willing to help with any questions. I'm finishing my sophomore year at Sonoma State University and I value my education at Gunn so much. They really help you prepare for college. It may be a big school, but all the students and teachers create bonds with each other. I've made some lifelong friendships and I couldn't be happier.

Submitted by a student

July 9, 2010

Gunn was an excellent high school. I still have great memories of it and I would send my kids there.

May 24, 2009

I Love Gunn High School! The Teachers are great the students are nice and the academics are really great. Gunn High School is a great school. We are focused on more on academics than on sports but we have a lot of sports. =)

Submitted by a student

December 10, 2007

My daughter attends Gunn, and I am very pleased with this school. It has a wide offering of interesting and challenging electives, and supports students on many academic 'speed tracks', allowing for fluidity between them.

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November 3, 2007

I appreciate my Gunn education so much now that I'm a freshman at NYU. Many Gunn classes were college level, and I felt very prepared (even overprepared) as a freshman in college. The atmosphere is great and stimulating, and even though its public, the teachers and students are very passionate about what they do.

Submitted by a student

September 13, 2007

Really great math and science, biology was a treat!

Submitted by a student

July 30, 2007

I never really appreciated the quality of education I received at Gunn until I went to college. At UCLA, English classes frequently covered material taught at Gunn! Having attended a writing-intensive high school was invaluable preparation for making the most out of my college years.

Submitted by a student

May 1, 2007

It's wonderful public high school. I highly recommend to those who really want to learn and wish to expand their potentials.

Submitted by a parent

January 25, 2006

As a recent graduate of Gunn, I now look back and realize how awesome and fortunate I was to attend that high school. I used to be the student body president and so I got to know the school inside and out. Of course the academics were great but what sticks out most prominentaly is the fact that no other highschool compares to Gunn when it comes to the arts, student activities, and even some sports. I thoroughly enjoyed 95% of my teachers and would love to have them again. You want some criticism? Well the academic pressure can get too high and creates a sometimes unattainable standard. If you can support your child through those endeavors then send them Gunn's way.

Submitted by a former student

December 15, 2005

Every Gunn student I have known has a lot of pride in their school. The academic courses are rigorous but there are minimal courses in the arts.

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